DuMont Burger Restaurant

DuMont Burger is the restaurant where the best and delicious burgers are cooked in NY!

We offer classic homemade burgers. Our burgers are prepared only from the freshest marble beef of the Black Angus Aberdin breed.

DuMont Burger

We basically do not use any semi-finished products. Everything is only own preparation. We also make sauces and marinades ourselves and do not use any additives or preservatives. For vegetarians, we also have a vegetable burger.
In DuMont Burger everything is home-made and very tasty!

DuMont Burger Restaurant

Where are the best burgers? We have! Juicy, incredibly tasty, huge size XL, from marble meat – you can safely say that this burger does not compete, he’s in our sales hits!

DuMont Burger’s Restaurant info

Price RangeUnder $11-$30
Takes ReservationsNo
Take AwayYes
Accepted CardsCredit
Good ForLunch, Dinner
Good for KidsNo
Good for GroupsNo
Outdoor SeatingYes

A good burger should be:

  • Beef! There must be more meat in it than anything else.
  • Great! Suffice from us flat and soulless burgers, with which it is impossible to eat. We offer such burger, which is able to satisfy the most monstrous hunger.
  • The roll shouldn’t be the center of attention and should not be thick! In a good burger bun is only a binding element.
  • Sauces! They definitely do not need to be purchased. Forget about ketchup and mayonnaise. The best combinations that give a crazy taste, are obtained only with home-made sauces that are cooked right in the kitchen.
  • Delicious! First of all, we eat a burger for pleasure, and not just to get enough. If you just want to fill your stomach, you can do it with rice and boiled chicken.